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Reactor from the PlanetBlood forums just brought to my attention there's an extra step Soundblaster Live! users might need to do in order to prevent Blood crashing when you pick up certain items (like the crystal ball) due to a sound bug. This may or may not be necessary (since you are in essence using emulated sound) but you might as well go ahead and do it. Download the patch here, which should work for all versions of Blood. Unzip the file into your C:\Games\Blood directory and double-click it to patch your Blood executable (the .exe can't be write-protected). And in case you're wondering, this is where I got the file. I'll also mention this fix later in the page so it won't just get lost in the news.

More important corrections! 0x220 is the Sound Card Address you need to use, not 0x220 (which is not even an option), and 0x330 is the correct MIDI port, not 0x300. Thanks to Blachy for the heads up. :)

MAJOR UPDATE! If anybody here has been trying to get Duke 3D to work, and you didn't install Shadow Warrior as well, then it is probably crashing. The reason being is the shortcut references C:\Games\SW\NOLFB.COM, instead of C:\Games\Duke3D\NOLFB.COM. To correct this, overwrite your old shortcut with this newly updated one. Obviously, if NOLFB.COM and NOLFB.ASM are not in your C:\Games\Duke3D folder, getting the new shortcut won't fix anything; so make sure you did what I said to do in Step 5. Please let me know if this fixes your problems.

I've just added a VDMSound shortcut for the Blood add-on Cryptic Passage. I have only tested the version that is included with the One Unit Whole Blood release.

Darkw00ds just e-mailed me to say he was able to get Blood to work by using my tutorial! Looks like it is working for everybody so far.

My first reported success story, sent in by Nessus from the 3D Realms Forums. He got Shadow Warrior to work after following the instructions on this page. He said,

"Yes! I dropped the SW folder into a folder called Games so the shortcut could find it and voila! I wasn't sure if it would work because of registry issues but now that I think about it DOS games don't use the registry. Anyway, thanks a million and I'm off to go play now. I'll see you on the boards and let you know how its running."

Folks, you need to use the directories/folders I tell you to use otherwise it won't work unless you modify the shortcuts!

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